Pet Dental Health at Lakeview Animal Hospital

As responsible pet owners, we immediately take our furry friends to the veterinarian when there is a health issue. But how many of us realize that, just like people, pets need regular dental care as well? Did you know that almost 80% of pets struggle with some level of periodontal disease? This can often cause pain and even organ damage if left untreated. Unfortunately, dental care is one of the things that pet owners sometimes overlook with their pet wellness care.

Dr. Ignacio Tan and the caring team at Lakeview Animal Hospital know that pet veterinary dental care is an important part of puppy and kitten health, and should start when they are young. In fact, dental issues can lead to major health issues in the future if your pet’s dental health is not regularly addressed by your veterinarian. Cats and dogs can experience serious health issues including bladder, lung, and kidney damage if their dental needs are neglected.

Lakeview Animal Hospital recommends annual cleanings for your pet to help reduce the build-up of tartar and plaque. Our knowledgeable and caring team at Lakeview Animal Hospital can explain the benefits of proper pet dental care and perform a thorough dental exam to make sure your dog or cat is healthy.