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Rehabilitation is not only for major orthopedic surgery patients, we also can help with a number of different challenges and problems. We do take referrals from other doctors as well as new clients who walk right through our doors. Our rehabilitation provides many benefits which may include:

  • Drug free options for pain management
  • Improving function, strength and range of motion
  • Achieve a faster and more complete recovery
  • Improve endurance and agility for athletes
  • Provide options for conservative management of orthopaedic or neurologic disease when surgery is not an option
  • Improve and prolong quality of life
  • Achieve weight loss in overweight and obese animals
  • Provide ambulation assistance to patients who need carts, orthotic devices, or prostheses

Water Treadmill

Inspired by our desire to offer you the best in care we are excited to offer our clients an underwater treadmill for pet rehabilitation – the only animal treadmill in Edmonton. Underwater treadmills are effective because the buoyancy they afford the pet during treatment allows for an intense yet low impact workout. In addition, water is naturally relaxing, so even for the most nervous pet, the treadmill treatment soothes and minimizes stress. Our experience is that pets who have this therapy quickly restore their strength and overall flexibility. Whether your pet went through major orthopedic surgery or they are limping and you don’t know why, we are confident we can get your furry friend running again.

Laser Therapy

Low-level laser therapy (LLLT) or just laser therapy is very beneficial for dogs and cats. It is a pain-free, non-invasive treatment that improves circulation to injured areas and reduces inflammation and swelling. It can decrease healing times for chronic and acute injuries or surgeries and reduces the pain of arthritis and other degenerative joint diseases.