Here at Lakeview Animal Hospital, our goal is to get your pet back on their paws by reducing pain and inflammation and increasing their range of motion. Whether your pet has undergone surgery or experienced some other physical trauma, our therapies are guaranteed to decrease recovery time, and can often result in a full recovery!

The services we offer include underwater treadmill therapy, physical therapy, manual therapy, therapeutic exercising, and even rehab for brain injuries. To achieve our accredited status as practitioners of pet rehabilitation, we have completed extensive training, education and experience in the field.

Our Underwater Treadmill

We are excited to offer our clients an underwater treadmill for pet rehabilitation – the only animal treadmill in Edmonton.  Under water treadmills are effective because the buoyancy they afford the pet during treatment allows for an intense yet low impact workout.  In addition, water is naturally relaxing, so even for the most nervous pet, the treadmill treatment soothes and minimizes stress. Our experience is that pets who have this therapy quickly restore their strength and overall flexibility.

Treatment Goals

Successful pet rehabilitation restores the pet’s mobility and quality of life. Before we begin, a thorough physical exam is necessary to create a current baseline against which we measure the pet’s progress. From there, we will design a rehabilitation plan that focuses on using the right modalities to strengthen muscles and is suited towards your pet’s unique needs.

If your pet requires rehabilitation after surgery, injury, or trauma, and he or she has been treated at another animal hospital, Lakeview Animal Hospital welcomes you with our commitment to help your pet be restored to normal function quickly and comfortably.

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