Is Orthopedic Surgery Necessary?

Ultimately, the only way to really know if an animal needs orthopedic surgery is to have them evaluated by a veterinary orthopedic surgeon. At Lakeview Animal Hospital, our veterinarians are highly skilled and able to evaluate your pet to see if they can benefit from surgery. Dr. Tan is certified in performing TPLO surgeries on dogs that have experienced joint ruptures.

The need for orthopedic surgery can happen to pets of all ages. What is most important is that your pet is able to enjoy their life as much as possible, regardless of their age.

Types of Orthopedic Surgery

There are various types of orthopedic surgery that may potentially help your pet depending on their injury. Some are designed to repair a fracture or heal a ligament or joint. They might also need hip or knee replacement, surgery for problems with their elbow or shoulder joints, or they may need to correct a disc herniation. Some of these options may be more invasive than others, but our vets are ready to discuss the possible procedures as well as recovery strategies to make the experience as easy to handle as possible.

Noticing the Signs of Discomfort in Your Pets

As a pet parent, you probably know your pet fairly well. Although you don’t speak the same language, it doesn’t mean you don’t communicate. For the most part, pets love to please their owners. But there may come a time when they aren’t quite up to taking whatever life has thrown at them.

Physical Symptoms – If a particular area of your pet’s body is injured, it is possible that you will be able to see redness or swelling in that area. If you notice your pet is tending to one of their limbs or joints more than usual, it is a good idea to make note of it so you can report it to their veterinarian.

Slowed Movement – If your pet is not moving as quickly, or suddenly wants to sleep more often than usual, or outright refuses to take their regular walks or exercise it’s a good sign that they may be experiencing some wear and tear or even a specific injury that needs to be evaluated by a veterinarian.

Vocalizations – If your pet seems to yelp or howl in pain while doing tricks that are standard for them, or even during normal movement, it is time to pay attention. It could be that the pain may pass, but it could also mean the start of a bigger problem. Note how often incidents happen, and if they are increasing in duration. A trip to Lakeview Animal Hospital may be required if their discomfort is too great.

Behavior Changes – If your pet is simply not themselves, this is another sign that they may be hurting. Many cats are more likely to simply act withdrawn or hide when they are suffering. Animals in general may act more aggressive, even to those they know, if they are dealing with pain.