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Pet Wellness Exams With Alberta VeterinarianPet Wellness Exams With Alberta Veterinarian

You naturally want the best health care for your pet. After all, your pet, be it a dog, cat, or some other animal, is a beloved member of your family. You seek out the best in health care for your human family, so why would you do anything less for your animal family? To this end, you want a veterinarian who not only cares deeply about your pet, but who also gives the highest quality, highest technology services available.

One of the basics of good animal care is getting them an annual wellness exam. Here's what you can expect from your pet's wellness exam at Lakeview Animal Hospital.

Your Pet's Annual Wellness Exam

At Lake View Animal Hospital, your pet is always treated like a member of our family, so you know he or she is in good hands right from the beginning. Your pet's annual wellness exam starts with a general look at your pet. Our veterinarian will see if everything looks normal on your pet, and examine anything that looks unusual. Your pet will also be felt for lumps and other things that shouldn't be there, like skin tags. These things will be biopsied and/or removed, if necessary.

The next thing is blood work, where your pet will be tested for all kinds of parasites, diseases, and other health conditions that would need treatment if they were present. You will be contacted usually the next day, or shortly thereafter, if there is anything abnormal about the test results, and if your pet should come back in for further testing or treatment. Most of the time, your pet's results will be normal, but if they're not, we're here to give your pet all the treatment they need to get well soon.

Next are the vaccines. Your pet needs an annual rabies vaccination at a minimum, even if he or she is an indoor only pet. Virtually every city in the nation requires this. Other vaccinations are optional, but are highly recommended to keep your pet's health safe and protected. We will let you know what vaccinations we recommend and why we recommend them, and you can decide if you want your pet to get them.

Finally, we do a dental exam for your pet. This involves checking their teeth to make sure they are in good shape, and there aren't any infections, teeth that need to be pulled, or gum disease. If you want to get your pet's teeth cleaned, we can do this at the annual wellness exam, too. Teeth cleaning on pets is done under general anesthesia to keep your pet nice and relaxed, so we can get their teeth and under their gums as clean as possible. A pet with good oral health is a healthier, happier pet.

What to Do Next: Schedule Your Alberta Veterinary Appointment

Contact us to make an appointment for your pet's annual wellness exam. We are looking forward to welcoming you and your pet to the Lakeview Animal Hospital family. You can reach us at:

4351 Savaryn Drive
Edmonton, Alberta T6X 0J9