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Vaccinations for Pets in Edmonton

Keeping your dog or cat healthy requires the right vaccinations and preventative care. Our Edmonton veterinarian at Lake View Animal Hospital provides the treatments your pets need at different times in their life. By vaccinating your pet, you reduce the risk of certain health conditions and diseases.

dog vaccination in edmonton

Vaccinations for a Cat

A cat requires appropriate vaccinations to reduce the risk of common health concerns or potential problems. Generally, our Edmonton vet recommends core vaccinations for every cat and non-core vaccines in certain situations.

The core vaccinations for a cat include:

·         A rabies shot

·         Vaccines for feline distemper

·         Feline calici virus vaccines

·         Feline herpes virus type 1, or rhinotracheitis vaccines

Additional vaccinations may be recommended, but are not necessarily required for your cat. Generally, we recommend a vaccine for specific risks your pet may face based on their lifestyle and situation. For example, we may recommend a vaccine for feline leukemia virus when a pet has a risk of exposure and you want to avoid the sickness.

Vaccinations for a Dog

A dog requires vaccinations for specific health conditions. The appropriate vaccines for a dog depend on the risks to your pet. Generally, every pet dog must obtain core vaccines to prevent the spread of certain diseases and health concerns. We may recommend additional non-core vaccines when pets have a risk of exposure to additional sicknesses or conditions, but the specific needs of your pet may vary.

Core vaccines we recommend at the Lake View Animal Hospital include:

·         Canine parvovirus

·         Distemper

·         Hepatitis in dogs

·         Rabies

Since the sicknesses may be transmitted to humans and have a high risk of exposure, a dog needs the treatment to limit the risks. We may recommend non-core vaccines, like a vaccine against leptospira bacteria, but only when your dog has a risk of exposure due to your lifestyle or the way your pet interacts with other animals.

When to Vaccinate Pets in Edmonton

Determining when to vaccinate a pet in Edmonton ultimately depends on the age of the animal and the potential risk factors associated with the pet's age. Generally, we recommend early vaccines for kittens and puppies, followed by appropriate booster shots throughout their lifetime.

For kittens and cats, we generally start vaccines at roughly six to eight weeks of age and follow through with initial vaccines until roughly 16 weeks of age. We also recommend booster shots every one to three years, depending on the vaccine.

For puppies and dogs, your pet will usually start vaccines around six to eight weeks of age and receive vaccines every three to four weeks until reaching roughly 16 weeks old. After the initial shots, we usually recommend booster shots every one to three years. We may recommend different schedules when a dog develops health concerns, so each schedule depends on your pet.

Keeping your pets vaccinated against diseases helps reduce the health risks associated with your lifestyle and your pet's activities. To learn more about pet vaccinations in Edmonton, contact us today at 587-463-9002.