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Underwater Treadmill in Edmonton 

Your pet is part of the family, and you deserve an Edmonton veterinarian who truly appreciates that. After an injury or illness, you want to give your pet a fighting chance at returning to a normal, active, healthy lifestyle. At Lakeview Animal Hospital, we supplement our comprehensive wellness care and treatment plans with a variety of rehabilitation services to ensure just that. And if your pet loves water, they're in luck, because one of our most innovative rehabilitative options is our underwater treadmill for dogs and cats.

dog in water

Learn more about this world-class equipment at our Edmonton animal hospital, and how we incorporate it into our custom rehabilitation plans for injured pets. Pets probably aren't the first thought you have when you imagine treadmills, but this revolutionary invention could give your pet the boost they need to restore their mobility or simply relieve their pain after physical injury.

Pet Rehabilitation at Lakeview Animal Hospital

When your pet's activity levels decrease after surgery, injury, illness, or anything else, it's very important to prevent the complications associated with inactivity. Our veterinary team at Lakeview Animal Hospital is proud to provide a world-class pet rehabilitation program for local dogs and cats. Our underwater treadmill is the cornerstone of this program, which helps relieve or reverse the following symptoms and chronic conditions:

  • Depression
  • Exhaustion
  • Limps
  • Stiffness
  • Soreness
  • Limited range of motion
  • Limited flexibility

Unfortunately, one force is constantly working against your pet as they attempt to recover: gravity. Even if your pet is at a healthy weight, their weak or stiff limbs may struggle to support the force of their own body. This is why our underwater treadmill – the only treadmill of its kind in Edmonton – is so important to so many pets and their families.

Benefits of Edmonton's Only Underwater Treadmill

Rehabilitation is a gradual process, and most pets aren't ready for intense workouts and high-impact rehabilitation exercises right away. Until your pet regains some strength and mobility, it's important to ease them into the rehabilitation process with relatively low-impact workouts. However, more intense exercises will speed up the recovery process if they're done correctly. Our underwater treadmill makes this possible.

Just like humans, dogs and cats are buoyant in water. Water is also relaxing and soothing to many pets, further minimizing the stress of being at the vet's office and allowing their muscles to relax instead of contracting with tension. This makes it easier to restore strength and mobility without complications or setbacks in recovery.

During underwater treadmill exercises, your pet will remain buoyant as they use their legs to walk or run. We maintain constant supervision throughout these exercises, making sure your pet doesn't exert him or herself too much, and we may gently stimulate the muscles to help them progress.

If your dog or cat is struggling with movement, flexibility, or strength, our underwater treadmill could be the solution they need to get back to playtime. Call us today to start your custom pet rehabilitation regimen in Edmonton.