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Pet Dental Care with Our Veterinarian in Edmonton

A healthy pet requires the right treatments and care throughout their life. When you want to keep a dog or cat healthy, a veterinarian in Lakeview Animal Hospital offers the tools you need to encourage long-term health with proper treatment and care. A key consideration for any pet in Lake View is dental care and healthy oral hygiene. At our clinic, we provide the tools you need to keep an animal healthy with the right oral hygiene treatments.

Pets need dental care too; regular dental care keeps them healthy! Call our Edmonton veterinarian today at (587) 400-1547 to learn more about pet dental.

What is Pet Dental Care?

As the name implies, pet dental refers to dental treatments and care provided to an animal for good health and overall well-being. Since pets may face a variety of oral hygiene concerns, including cavities and gum disease, proper treatment allows a professional to catch the problem and start an appropriate treatment strategy.

Generally, the treatment process focuses on identifying potential concerns and then treating the underlying problem. A veterinarian also cleans a pet's teeth and gums, which reduces the risk of long-term health concerns as animals age.

Why Does a Dog or Cat Need Dental Care from an Edmonton Veterinarian?

The reasons a dog or cat requires appropriate dental care depend on the situation and your pet. The primary reasons to consider treatment include:

  • Cleaning a pet's teeth and gums
  • Removing plague build up
  • Finding potential problems, including cavities and gum disease
  • Avoiding health risks associated with gum disease
  • Addressing bad breath
  • Treating oral health concerns

A regular check-up on the oral health of your pets allow a professional to prevent complications or problems. It also limits risks related to the bacteria growth in the mouth of pets so they have fewer potential complications with their health at a later time.

When to Consider Pet Dental in Edmonton

Dental care for pets in Edmonton or Lake View depends on the needs of the animal. As a general rule, we recommend visiting our animal hospital to clean the teeth and gums of your pets at least once per year. We may recommend more regular visits if pets show signs of tooth decay, gum disease or other oral health concerns. We also recommend more regular visits for older pets due to their age and the potential risks associated with health concerns as pets age.

We also recommend dental treatments when you notice consistently bad breath in your pets or when you have any concerns related to an animal's teeth and gums. A veterinarian in our clinic evaluates the needs of your pets and may suggest alternative treatments after determining the underling concerns and problems that may arise over time.

Contact Our Veterinarian in Edmonton Today to Learn More about Pet Dental

The health of a dog or cat in your home starts with the treatments and preventative care you offer to the animal. When pets show signs of discomfort when chewing foods or as part of normal preventative care, you want to consider dental treatments. To learn more about our treatment process or to set up an appointment for a checkup and cleaning for your pet's teeth, call us today at 587-463-9002 or visit our contact us page today.