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Orthopedic Surgery

When your pet develops a condition in the joints, muscles and skeletal system, it may be necessary to consider surgical treatments. At Lakeview Animal Hospital, we recognize that orthopedic surgery seems daunting, but we offer the care and animal needs in the Edmonton area.

Orthopedic Surgery at Lake View Animal Hospital in Edmonton

What is Orthopedic Surgery in Lake View?

Orthopedic surgery in Lake View refers to a type of surgical procedure for the musculoskeletal system. Essentially, it is any procedure that works on correcting a problem with the muscles, ligaments, joints, tendons and bones in a pet's body. Depending on the problem and the health of an animal, the treatment and procedure we recommend my vary. Generally, we focus on helping animals heal from common complications and injuries that may occur as part of a normal lifestyle.

When to Consider the Treatment

Surgical procedures are always a concern for any pet owner. You do not want to put your pet through unnecessary pain or discomfort, but you also want to ensure that an animal has the proper care to address a problem. At our animal hospital, we recognize your concerns and provide diagnostic services and testing before recommending any treatment strategies.

We suggest surgical treatment when other options are not helpful for your pet's specific situation and needs. Depending on the cause of your pet's health concerns, we may focus on surgical strategies to help with the healing process when an accident occurs or in an emergency situation.

Always consider the treatment in an emergency. Depending on the emergency and the severity of an injury, a surgical solution may be the only choice to keep your pet healthy and active. In most cases, the treatments are not used as part of an emergency or sudden concern. Instead, we may suggest the treatment when a pet shows signs of pain or discomfort, as well as when a condition worsens and causes injuries to the joints, tendons, ligaments or skeleton of your pet.

Talking to a Veterinarian in Our Clinic

Before you consider any treatment, discuss your concerns with a veterinarian. Surgical procedures are complicated and you want the best for your pets, so you may need to clarify any concerns about the specific procedure before we start a treatment plan. Always ask questions to ensure that you understand the procedure and the care animals need during the recovery. 

Since each procedure differs and the scale of the injury may impact the recovery process, a veterinarian in Edmonton recommends different care for your pet after completing the surgery. We usually suggest rest and limited motion while a pet recovers, but the duration and any medications pets may need throughout recovery may vary. We may also recommend watching for specific risk factors during recovery, such as an infection or inflammation that causes pain and discomfort to animals while they heal. You may need to bring a pet to our clinic for treatment when infections develop.

Orthopedic surgery gives your pet the ability to remain healthy and active after an injury or accident. At our animal hospital, we offer the surgical treatment after proper testing and diagnostic solutions. To learn more about the surgical procedures available in our clinic or to set up an appointment to discuss a procedure with an Edmonton veterinarian, call 587-463-9002 today.