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Five Good Reasons Why You Should Neuter Your Dog or Cat in Edmonton

If you recently adopted a male dog or cat in Edmonton, you are probably considering whether or not to neuter your new animal friend.

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What is neutering?

"Neutering" is the term used for the removal of a male animal's testes so that he cannot impregnate a female. Removing the reproductive organs reduces or stops breeding behaviors. Neutering involves surgery performed by a veterinarian or animal hospital. The cat or dog is placed under general anesthesia and does not feel pain during the procedure. Your pet may experience some discomfort afterwards, but medication can help.

The staff at Lake View Animal Hospital in Edmonton knows how important your furry friends are, and offers five good reasons why you should neuter your male cat or dog.

You will have a happier animal.

Neutering reduces the need of a dog or cat to wander in search of a mate or to protect its territory. This reduces the amount of stress that reproductive hormones place on your pet. It also means that your dog or cat will likely be less aggressive or defensive toward other people or animals, and may become a more easygoing family pet.

Timely neutering can benefit an animal's health.

One report from USA Today found that pets in states with the highest neutering rates have longer life spans. According to the ASPCA, neutering may help prevent testicular cancer and prostate problems with some pets. One concern among pet owners is that neutered pets are at greater risk of obesity and laziness, but moderate feeding and consistent exercise can help keep your dog or cat active and at the proper weight.

Neuter an animal for general safety.

Because a neutered animal tends to be less aggressive and territorial, he will be safer for you, your neighbors, and other animals to be around. Your pet will be less likely to bite, which reduces your liability as a pet owner. Male pets that are neutered are also less likely to spray to mark their territory.

Reduce animal overpopulation.

The American Humane Association reports that U.S. shelters euthanize about 3.7 million animals every year because there are not enough people to adopt them. Neutering helps reduce the risk of unwanted animal pregnancies and keeps you from having to decide what to do with the offspring of your cat or dog's new litter.

Neutering is advocated by most animal-related organizations.

Experts from the American Humane Association, the Human Society of the United States, and the ASPCA recommend spaying and neutering for all pet dogs and cats, for many of the reasons already listed.

Dr. Ignacio Tan and the staff at Lake View Animal Hospital in Edmonton, Alberta, treat your pets the way you do--as important, beloved family members. We are committed to providing your furry best friends with the best care possible. Contact us online or call 587-463-9002 to talk to us about neutering, spaying, or any other routine or emergency pet needs.