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Taking Care Of A New Puppy in Edmonton

The decision to bring a puppy into your home is a momentous one, with many considerations, such as size, breed, coat length and exercise needs. Puppies also require a considerable amount of day-to-day care to keep them safe, happy and healthy.Lakeview Animal Hospital in Edmonton offers a few tips for keeping your puppy in good health.

Puppy Care at Lakeview Animal Hospital in Edmonton, Alberta

High-Quality Food

During the early months of rapid growth, feed your puppy a commercial food specifically formulated for the early months of canine development. You will find a wide range of foods at your local pet supermarket, including dry kibble, canned foods, special ingredients for allergies, high-protein foods and other formulas. If you have gotten your puppy from a breeder, he or she may recommend a certain brand of food that the dog has already been eating. If not, your vet can suggest a number of brands that provide the necessary nutritional components for younger dogs.

Regular Exercise Keeps Dogs Healthy

You should begin training your dog to walk on a leash as soon as he is settled in your home. You can then begin to train the animal to go to the bathroom outside in a designated area. A daily walk around the neighborhood or in the local park will ensure that your puppy gets the physical workout he needs, as well the mental stimulation that will keep him happy and well-adjusted. Keep your puppy on the leash at all times when outdoors, to avoid accidents and getting lost. You should also train your puppy simple commands, such as “sit,” “stay,” “come,” and “down.” These commands can be important to your dog’s safety.


Your puppy should receive a number of vaccinations to prevent illnesses that can be life-threatening. Your puppy may have received a round of “puppy vaccinations” before you took him home. Your responsibility is to ensure he continues to be vaccinated against distemper, adenovirus, parvovirus, parainfluenza and rabies. These vaccines are generally administered at the same time at our office on an annual basis. We can also advise you on any other immunizations your puppy may need.

Spay and Neuter Services

Spaying is a surgical procedure that removes the reproductive organs of female animals, and neutering removes the reproductive ability of male animals. These surgeries are important in preventing diseases of the reproductive organs and to prevent the births of unwanted puppies. Spay and neutering are simple procedures that are done humanely and that have no ill effects on the animal. We can advise you on the best age at which to spay or neuter your puppy.

Emergency Care in Edmonton

Puppies can get into trouble and sometimes require emergency veterinary care. A puppy can swallow a foreign object, drink a toxic chemical solution, get into a fight with another animal or be hit by a car. Lakeview Animal can provide emergency care, including x-ray and ultrasound diagnostics to provide comprehensive care for your injured pet.

Lakeview Animal Hospital’s Services

We can provide not only emergency services but also treatment for all of your puppy’s veterinary needs. Call Lakeview Animal Hospital in Edmonton today at %CLIENT_NAME% for an appointment to discuss the best ways to keep your new puppy healthy.